1.6 – Last Baby is No More

Lucia posed for the camera much more than Shana did. Elizabeth had a hard time convincing the birthday girl to stop and come inside for cake.

“Mama, picture!”

“Cake, Lu, let’s go have yummy cake! Daddy made it just for you,” Liz bribed.


It was Liz’s turn to help a toddler blow out candles, though Lucia put her hand over Liz’s mouth and blew them out all on her own.

“Wish kitty!” Lucia shouted as Elizabeth put her down to cut some cake for everyone.

“Uh, the wish fairy might bank that one for a bit.”

“Ki, ki!” Felicity had heard Lucia’s wish and jumped on that bandwagon.

“Uh, let’s fly instead,” Theo tried to distract her.


Lucia grew into a very opinionated little girl. A little too opinionated if you asked some.

Theo was proud of himself for taking time to write his books. He had always dreamed of being an author and his dream was finally coming true.

This book in particular was about a young boy with the name Artemis Fowl.

Elizabeth was loving her job as a teacher. And she loved coming home to her children each day. She loved being able to take photos of them for memories sake.

For the most part, Shana and Lucia complied, they thought it was silly, but if it kept their mom happy and not harping on them about their homework, who were they to complain?

Lucia loved science. She loved mixing things together to see what she could discover, and if it went boom, even better.

Finally, it was time for the toddler stage to be completely over with. Elizabeth held back tears as she helped Felicity blow out her candles. It was a bittersweet moment for her, as Felicity was her last baby, and was no longer a baby.

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