1.5 – Growing Up

Shana and Lucia played in the sprinkler while Theo set up their pool. It was a great way to beat the heat, and both girls fully enjoyed getting their clothes soaking wet. Elizabeth on the other hand, told Theo he should have put them in their swimsuits first.

“Splash! Splash!” Lucia giggled. She kept slapping the water, getting water all over her parents.

Shana was less enthused. She preferred the sprinkler. And her wet clothes. This silly rashguard that Elizabeth wrestled her into was not very comfy.

“Oh, where’d I toss the sunscreen? You wouldn’t put Lu in her better suit, she’s going to burn,” Liz looked around the grass for the bottle of sunscreen as Theo discreetly tucked it behind him. Both girls had so much on them that they were literally coated in it.

Shana liked to do big girl things to show that she was more grown up than her little sisters. She refused to sit in her high chair, and she refused to use sippee cups anymore.

Lucia was mad that she was still placed in the high chair, not having mastered holding her plate straight yet. Elizabeth had already cleaned up one syrup spill from her couch, she did not want to do that on a daily basis.

Felicity grew up into a cute little toddler. She had some issues with her eyesight, which Elizabeth made sure to get dealt with right away. Although she was relieved when they made glasses for toddlers in a bendable plastic that was less likely to break. Getting lost however, that was a different story. She wasn’t quite sure if it was Felicity losing them, or the other two hiding them.

Like most moms, Elizabeth went through a lot of trouble to be sure she got pictures of all her girls together. For memories sake.

Plus it was Shana’s birthday! Her baby was growing up.

Elizabeth dragged Shana outside for a quick small photoshoot before she grew up.

Shana was surprisingly cooperative, and Liz couldn’t help but hope that the other two were as agreeable.

Theo helped Shana blow out her candles, or rather, he blew them out while Shana pretended and clapped her hands in happiness.

“Make a wish!”


Clearly, someone had been watching too much tv to know to wish for a horse.

Shana hid upstairs to gulp down her cake. She loved her sisters dearly, but they liked to put fingers in frosting.

“So, do you feel more responsible yet?” Elizabeth joked when Shana brought her plate down to be washed.

“Responsible enough to stay up late?” Shana replied with a small laugh.

“Only an extra half hour,” Elizabeth agreed.

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