1.3 – Another One?!

Theo stared down at his new baby daughter, unsure of what to do. He was on diaper duty, but it wasn’t equipment that he was used to cleaning. It took him a little longer than needed, but soon Shana was curled up in her father’s arms, clean diaper, new jammies, and completely comfortable. Theo smiled when she put her thumb in her mouth and promptly fell asleep. He gently placed her down in her bassinet, before quietly slipping out of the room.

Liz was sleeping, taking a much needed nap until Shana’s next feed, so for the first time since Shana was born, he had a free moment to finally just sit down at his computer and do some writing. He wanted to be an author one day, a published one. That wouldn’t happen if he never got time to write.

“Shana’s birthday is tomorrow, was there anything special you wanted to do to celebrate?” Theo asked over breakfast.

Their days were a strict routine at this point, hoping to keep Shana from being grumpy if something didn’t go her way. Liz was back to work, so everyday from 8am until 4pm, Shana was at daycare. As much as Liz hated it, they couldn’t afford only one of them to be working.

“No, I just want the three of us to celebrate. I did ask Charlie if he wanted to pop by, but he’s working out of town at the moment,” Elizabeth smiled. She was looking forward to celebrating with just their small family. She knew it wouldn’t always be do.

Shana’s birthday passed with little fanfare, and a chocolate cake all to herself. Theo sadly replaced her bassinet with a small toddler sized bed, pink as she had requested. He moved in a pile of pillows and an armchair before sorting all her clothes into a dresser, all labeled so that Shana could learn to dress herself.

“I know a way to cheer you up,” Elizabeth smirked.

“Uh, Theo?”


“I’m pregnant.”

“I think we’re going to need a bigger house.”

Construction began the next week on a small little farmhouse plan that Elizabeth had decided on. It only took a few weeks, and all of their savings to build.

Elizabeth was in her element designing the perfect rooms for their family.

Elizabeth found herself to be much much more tired this time around. She took naps whenever and wherever she could. She was thankful that Theo was around to watch Shana. She had no idea how someone could do this all on their own.

“Come on baby, stop kicking my ribs please,” she complained, face down in a pillow.

She was bathing Shana when it happened. It be honest, she didn’t even realize at first as Shana was splashing about so much that it hid her water breaking and contractions didn’t start for another half an hour.

Enough time for her to put Shana down for bed and alert Theo that something was happening.

True to being male, Theo climbed into bed when it took longer than two hours for the baby to arrive. Elizabeth hovered around their room just waiting, and praying for it to be over faster. She just wanted to hold her baby in her arms.

Meet Lucia Alice Riddle.

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