1.1 – Moving In

Theo spent much of their off time at Elizabeth’s house. He quickly became the official breakfast maker since his pancakes never came out burnt.

“Charlie can’t cook to save his life either,” Theo laughed. “I can teach you if you want, Liz. May come in handy someday.”

“I can cook,” Elizabeth defended herself. “Salad and kraft dinner at least.”

But she allowed Theo to show her the basics, which she picked up pretty quickly. The nights that he went home, she would proudly text him a picture of whatever she ended up making for dinner, leftovers going with her for lunch.

After what felt like forever, as spring was starting to turn into summer, Elizabeth finally asked Theo to just move in. He only spent one or two nights at home anyway, and Charlie had gotten a girlfriend who moved in super fast. At this point, Theo felt like a stranger in the house.

“Are you sure?” Theo asked, carting in the last of his things.

Elizabeth gave him a look. “If I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t have asked.”

It was only a matter of time before it happened. Elizabeth had felt herself falling for him long before he moved in. Before she even gave him access to her house.

It was her first kiss. Followed quite quickly by her second and third, and so on. It was her first time falling in bed with someone, and between frantic kisses, he asked her to be his, which she quickly agreed to.

It was a few weeks before she noticed. Before she popped out to the store to pick up the test. Three minutes later she had her answer.

She was pregnant.

She was stunned. She thought they’d been careful. Obviously not, judging by the two pink lines on the test she held in her hand. She had a choice now. She could make the best of things, or she could mope. There was really only one option for Liz. Be happy of course. Now she just had to figure out how to tell Theo.

The Spice Festival was in town, and Elizabeth got an excited call from Theo as he was leaving work. She quickly agreed to meet him there. Silently she hoped he didn’t ask her to go to the bar with him for some drinks. She wasn’t quite sure how to tell him her news yet. She was glad she wasn’t too far along, so was barely showing anything. Right now, she just looked like she had a few too many hamburgers.

They sat down together at a table to discuss what to try first.

“How about some curry?” Theo asked.

Liz laughed. “I can’t handle anything with even the tiniest bit of spice.”


“Sounds great!”

They were there until nearly 1am just sampling all the different foods. By the end, Elizabeth felt very sick to her stomach.

Back home, Elizabeth could not get comfortable. She ended up on the couch with a book. Soon after, Theo followed.

“Are you okay? You’re acting very weird.”

Liz hesitated before deciding to just say it. Like ripping off a bandaid. “I’m pregnant.”

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