1.6 – Last Baby is No More

Lucia posed for the camera much more than Shana did. Elizabeth had a hard time convincing the birthday girl to stop and come inside for cake. "Mama, picture!" "Cake, Lu, let's go have yummy cake! Daddy made it just for you," Liz bribed. "Cake!" It was Liz's turn to help a toddler blow out candles,... Continue Reading →

1.5 – Growing Up

Shana and Lucia played in the sprinkler while Theo set up their pool. It was a great way to beat the heat, and both girls fully enjoyed getting their clothes soaking wet. Elizabeth on the other hand, told Theo he should have put them in their swimsuits first. "Splash! Splash!" Lucia giggled. She kept slapping... Continue Reading →

1.4 – Last One, I Swear

Lucia grew into a toddler faster than what it felt like Shana did. Elizabeth was glad to see her own hair colour reflected in her daughter, though the curls went to Shana. Lucia was a very cheerful toddler where Shana was very independent. Because of the two fighting, Theo ended up moving Shana into the... Continue Reading →

1.3 – Another One?!

Theo stared down at his new baby daughter, unsure of what to do. He was on diaper duty, but it wasn't equipment that he was used to cleaning. It took him a little longer than needed, but soon Shana was curled up in her father's arms, clean diaper, new jammies, and completely comfortable. Theo smiled... Continue Reading →

1.2 – Baby Time

Elizabeth spent much of her time lounging around. It was a hot summer, and Elizabeth was not impressed to be so pregnant during it. She wished they had a pool so she could just sleep on a floatie. Since it was the summer, she didn't need to worry about working too much, just attending some... Continue Reading →

1.1 – Moving In

Theo spent much of their off time at Elizabeth's house. He quickly became the official breakfast maker since his pancakes never came out burnt. "Charlie can't cook to save his life either," Theo laughed. "I can teach you if you want, Liz. May come in handy someday." "I can cook," Elizabeth defended herself. "Salad and... Continue Reading →

1.0 – The Beginning

Elizabeth Rose Riddle felt completely out of her depth. She was doing the complete opposite of what her parents wanted her to do. She moved towns to start out on her own, with just the money she'd saved up by babysitting all through her teenage years to set her up. Newcrest was a new little... Continue Reading →

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